it's the website of Bo Tie / jan Poman

hi it's me, i have made multiple things and all of them are still WIP because i can't commit to anything lmao

this website is awful on mobile sorry lmao


Minecraft packs

poki pi sitelen pona

changes the game to use sitelen pona instead of the Latin alphabet, still a work-in-progress

pride elytras

elytras with pride flags, will add more flags eventually


changes the HUD to use updated textures for things like hearts and armor


All Aboard! (VRC6 Remix)

(2023-11-12) remix of a song from Flavor Frenzy on Roblox, paired with a silly little NES animation

bonus room

(2022-12-04) made it in 40 minutes


(2022-01-27) sounds like a title screen i guess

rhythm bug

(2021-11-21) made with minecraft note blocks. pretty cool

SiIvaGunner things

theres only like 2 rn but theres more to come i guess

sike pona